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Tales from the Loop

Paul Leonard-Morgan speaks about collaborating with Philip Glass

“I didn’t know if we’d hit it off or not. But we did. I went to meet him in New York, and we sat in his kitchen and had coffee. We talked about life in general. When we did start talking about the show, he said, “How do you envision this? Am I fleshing this out? Am I doing the tunes? Or are you doing chords?” He mentioned he had only collaborated with two or three composers before. We went up to the piano and we started looking at the visuals — because nothing had been shot and he started playing some chords. I started humming tunes and it was a case of baby steps. We went back and forth with notes, chords and swapping ideas over email. It was just an organic place from there. What was interesting was coming up with the actual sound and we were looking for a sound of the loop itself.”